The Partnership for Housing Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, was created in 2001 to provide an opportunity for real estate professionals (and members of the broader housing industry) to have a more direct impact on development of affordable housing opportunities throughout Maryland.  The Foundation is an outgrowth of the concerns of Maryland REALTORS® about the increasing gap in minority homeownership rates and, as the cost of housing continues to climb, the need for more affordable housing opportunities.  Although homeownership among Americans is at an all-time high, substantially fewer percentages of minorities, new citizens, and service-industry employees own their homes. Rising costs have also limited the availability of affordable rental housing in Maryland, which has one of the highest rent-to-wage ratios in the country. 


The Foundation’s principal goal is to help create affordable housing opportunities for minorities and low and moderate-income Maryland residents.  Our focus is on ways to help these groups realize the American dream of safe, adequate, affordable shelter.  We believe that good housing and homeownership strengthens neighborhoods and builds good communities. 


The Foundation works with state and local governments, non-profit and for profit housing organizations and others dedicated to promoting to housing and homeownership.  It also educates consumers about the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit as they work towards renting or buying a home, educates those involved in real estate transactions about preventing discrimination, and promotes research to learn more about homeownership in Maryland.


The Partnership for Housing Foundation’s mission is to create housing opportunities and increase homeownership among low and moderate-income Maryland residents.  As part of its mission, the Foundation aids efforts to build safe, strong neighborhoods and accumulate equity for new homeowners.


The Foundation provides funding for research on Maryland’s real estate industry and markets and promotes homeownership, business development and public awareness of private property rights.





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