The mission of the Partnership for Housing Foundation is to provide the funding and expertise to raise the level of living standards of the targeted population by improving the physical conditions of dwellings as well as reinforcing home ownership in the state of Maryland.  The targeted population is defined as those households with incomes below area median income, but also includes individuals, households or surviving families of the following: First Response Providers (police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians); Military Service Veterans; Community Heroes; Developmentally-Disabled or Physically-Challenged Citizens


The Foundation will support/reinforce the Mission by providing REALTOR® and public education programs on Credit, Fair Housing and similarly related topics.



MARYLAND HOME MAKEOVER™ is a primary program of the Partnership for Housing Foundation (PHF).  The intent of the program is to complete necessary home repairs and improvements to insure the comfort, safety, health, and security of the dwelling for the selected recipient.



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