Creating Homeownership Opportunities in Maryland

The Foundation is raising funds to establish an endowment fund for grants and loans to non-profit housing organizations. Under a grant from the Maryland Association of REALTORS® (MAR), the Foundation will receive a dollar for dollar match up to $100,000 for moneys raised for the endowment, for a total of $200,000.

All funds raised, from MAR and outside donors, must be capital that is used to generate income. If the matching funds are raised by February of 2006, the Foundation will be eligible for additional matching funds. Income from the endowment may be used to underwrite Foundation programs and related expenses, but the capital must be preserved.

To address the immediate need for local REALTOR® associations to assist nonprofit housing groups with “sweat equity” construction or rehabilitation projects, the Foundation has been awarded $20,000 in 2004 from MAR for use under the following guidelines:

  • A local association is eligible for only one grant per year;
  • The Foundation limits its financial support to a maximum of $5,000 per local association;
  • The local association must match the Foundation's grant on a 2 to 1 basis (to earn the maximum $5,000, a local must raise at least $10,000);
  • The local association may raise funds from any source (not just its members) to meet the match requirement.

Additionally, First Horizon Home Loans has committed an additional $25,000 to be donated to Foundation-designated Habitat for Humanity projects in 2004.


The Partnership for Housing Foundation welcomes grant applications and donation requests from organizations in the State of Maryland that are tax-exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals or for capital campaigns or religious or sectarian purposes. The Foundation reserves the right to reject an application for the following reasons: insufficient documentation of housing needs and incompatibility with the Foundation's goals and objectives.

The Foundation will most likely fund a request that:

  • Addresses underlying causes of housing problems and seeks community-based solutions;
  • Involves REALTORSÆ and Affiliate members of MAR or other real estate professionals/associations, as volunteers or partners, AND non-profit community organizations;
  • Distributes no more than one grant per county per year;
  • Provides a minimum match of 2:1 from the local REALTOR association; and,
  • Utilizes PHF/MAR funds, not to exceed $5,000, to complete the funding for the project.

Grant requests are accepted throughout the year and will be awarded quarterly based on funding availability. Each applicant will be notified of their status within one month of submission.

Request for Funding must include:
1. Basic information about Project Sponsor: Name of Sponsor, Contact Information, List of Board of Directors, Narrative of Sponsor's Experience or List of Prior Projects, Mission Statement, Current Financial Statements.

2. Evidence of tax-exempt status.

3. A narrative statement describing project goals or local housing needs or housing affordability, as identified by the sponsor, which will be addressed by this project (i.e., What income level? Family size? Demographics?).

4. Business Plan (Budget and description of how total project will be funded and completed, including timeline.)

5. Unit description(s)/schematic floor plan(s)

6. Amount requested from PHF and any requirement for other technical assistance/in-kind donation from PHF.

7. Letter of support or copy of minutes from local REALTORÆ association supporting project, along with description of their contribution (cash, in-kind, volunteers, etc.)

Letters of proposal should be mailed to:
The Partnership for Housing Foundation, Inc.
2594 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD 21401

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