Project Background

The MARYLAND HOME MAKEOVER™ program is an initiative of the Partnership for Housing Foundation (PHF), a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation established in 2001. The mission of this program is to assist Maryland homeowners with basic housing needs and improve their quality of life.The program was inspired by ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the popular prime-time television show that involves community volunteers and skilled building trades to completely rebuild a home in just one week. The intent of MARYLAND HOME MAKEOVER™ is to complete necessary home repairs and improvements to insure the comfort, safety, health, and security of the dwelling for the recipient. Contractors and skilled workers will be used, but the time frame may extend to 4-6 weeks in some cases.

Qualified, priority recipients for the program will include individuals, households or surviving families of the following:

  • Police

  • Firefighters

  • Emergency Medical Technicians

  • Veterans

  • Community heroes

  • Developmentally-disabled or physically-challenged

Recipients are not strictly limited to this list, but, regardless, candidates must own their home.




Local REALTORS®, community groups, churches, schools and charities may nominate families for the program and commit to working together with PHF on the project. The candidates/nominees must complete a pre-screening/application process prior to selection. The recipient must be willing to participate in the project and sign appropriate waivers. Selections will be rotated throughout the state.

Recipients are discouraged from using the improvements to their homes for immediate financial gain. The cost of the improvements will be considered a grant as long as they live in the house for a specified period of time; but, if the house sells or transfers prior to the end of that term, PHF will calculate the amount of repayment, in a prior agreement with the homeowner, that declines each year that they remain in the house.


All contractors who participate must have a valid Maryland Home Improvement Contractor’s license and be insured with a minimum General Liability policy of $1 million and provide evidence of Workman’s Compensation. Workers on site are required to sign liability and medical waivers.


Builders/contractors/suppliers will be contacted (or may volunteer) if they are interested in offering services to benefit a family and receive the credit/recognition in their particular area of the state.

Local building suppliers will be contacted to provide needed materials at discount or for donation. They may recommend the names of their regional suppliers or manufacturers for additional (separate) donations.

Sponsor Recognition:

For those contributing to the program, recognition will be given in the following ways:

  • Press releases about the project, including name of business, description of contribution.

  • Signage and banners at the physical building site if permitted (Business name and logo)

  • Recognition on PHF website, including featured page on and at all PHF functions and displays

  • Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) distributed to Maryland Public Television, local television, radio stations thanking and listing all sponsors

  • Ad purchased by PHF in REALTOR® magazine (distribution 33,000)

  • Poster/photograph commendation to display at their offices

  • Nominations for awards offered by local/state trade associations

  • Maryland Association of REALTORS® website (textbox listing PHF sponsors/contributors)

  • Introduction at completion/ribbon-cutting ceremony

  • Daily or weekly entries on a ‘blog’ connected to PHF site

  • Thank you advertisement in local paper listing all contractors, contributors and volunteers

Guest Artists/Celebrities:

Local celebrities are encouraged to become involved and to help publicize the makeovers (including local sports heroes, newscasters, radio personalities and other popular or prominent residents of the community).


  • Recipient families may receive a trip to a Maryland vacation destination while work is being done.

  • Any usable appliances and building materials that are removed from the homes being repaired will be donated to a charitable resale store.


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